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Purpose…where are you at with it?


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Go there…not there…

“If you don’t feel it, flee from it. Go where you are celebrated, not merely tolerated.” — Paul F. Davis

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Thoughts: They need not suck the joy out of you…

Accept your thoughts, and don’t let them take ownership of your life. You didn’t create them.

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It Starts Now…

“You can’t blame anyone else for the kind of world you’re in.” Simply watch this video and you’ll feel, see, and hear Allan Watts’ essence, a brilliant British born philosopher. He speaks truth, freedom, and everything else to take us a … Continue reading

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Change your Reality by changing your…

[I am thankful and grateful for my life and all of my surroundings.] đŸ™‚ Wonder why you’re in a funk? Wonder why you just “don’t know”? Wonder why you’re not quite satisfied with your current situation? Wonder why you constantly … Continue reading

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Fear: How it affects you and how to overcome it

In the last few years I’ve learned that our lives are highly governed by fear (amid the other, greed, which deserves another post on its own). It’s become the main reason that prevents most people to leading a life of … Continue reading

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Awareness: Cervical Orgasm

We sadly live in a world where talking about sex is a taboo. Often times when the words ‘penis’, ‘vagina’, ‘orgasm’, etc., get tossed around, the look of astonishment follows, as if someone had just said “I’m going to kill … Continue reading

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