I’m a soul hailing from the beautiful mountains and green scenery that belong to the Central Coast in California. After moving to LA (for college), Miami , and back to LA, I decided to quit my nearly 8 year career at Universal Music to travel the world. I was in search of something intangible, something greater than what I had experienced. I knew life was more than all that’s attainable (material possessions) in the land of the ‘free’, the United States. And after experiencing and traveling the world for 14 months, my heart and body made it’s way to Berlin. The place that captured my heart like no other city has. Berlin, my home.

My vision is to live in a consciousness era where people’s lives are led by love and compassion, and not fear or greed.  To create awareness, for people to be more conscious of themselves and everything that surrounds them. To see/feel vulnerability and authenticity in the eyes of others. And most importantly, to be free of anything confining.

Oh yes, I also absolutely love food, cooking, traveling, wine, and sensuality.

Hear me roar!


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