Alina is sultry music. Music is love…

love music

I remember when my world revolved around music. And though it doesn’t anymore, part of me still and will always live for music… for inducing feelings, experiences, and contexts that create the state I wish to be in or enhancing that which I’m already in. Music is love. Love is music. Music is Freedom. We’re all freedom. Music is sensual. I am sensual. Music is a muse. And my muse is love. Music truly is like no other. Purely insatiable!

I’m not as quick to find the best music finds nowadays (at least compared to before). And this, this melody, her sultry voice, the rhythm, the perfect amount of BPMs (Canchis, this is all you), well, this is perfection.

Alina Baraz, you fuckin’ go with your bad ass self girl! And your collaboration with Galamatias? No words! LA and Denmark is a brilliant fusion of worlds.



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