Awareness: Cervical Orgasm

We sadly live in a world where talking about sex is a taboo. Often times when the words ‘penis’, ‘vagina’, ‘orgasm’, etc., get tossed around, the look of astonishment follows, as if someone had just said “I’m going to kill your baby”.  I honestly don’t get the discomfort it brings to people. It’s beyond perplexing. Yet when someone says the words ‘kill’, ‘guns’, ‘rape’, ‘war’, or the like, there is no look of astonishment…easy breezy, as if words like that should be a 100%  acceptable part of a persons vocabulary rolodex. Seriously?

We all need to open up, be more open, in more ways than one… physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.

Awareness to me isn’t only about being aware of myself, but also of others, and of different topics that I am a part of.  As Kendal writes:

“Our sexual education in society is limited to put it kindly and tainted by shame, embarrassment and fear. In general we the people are scared to get our f**k on!”

And people often times bring in moves to the bed that they saw whilst watching porn. Is that the indirect sexual education that is evolving and being used on us? I wish for those sexual active people (actually, even the ones that aren’t active) to step out of their comfort zones and read different articles, watch informative videos/documentaries, read books on all things ‘sex’. I feel strongly that the more educated people become about sex (and communicating about it with others, especially with their partners), the happier people and their relationships will be.  And will probably save some marriages, seriously. There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose. You decide…



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